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Already a fan of Achron? Download one of our wallpapers here; or check out the screenshots to see what the current build of Achron looks like.

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Screenshots Through Development

In Achron, you can view the past any time you like. Maintaining that theme, here you can view the history of Achron's development.

Basic interactions implemented

The start of scripting and AI

Major usability improvements

Human race playable, full-game multiplayer testing.

Minimap of game in progress, all 3 species fully playable

Initial environmental effects (No HUD)

Smarter units, easier-to-use interface, first 3D models

More first-pass 3D models, major performance and scalability improvements, unveiled at GDC

Improved gameplay and controls

Rendering improvements, work begun on full single-player campaigns

Improved interface and fog of war rendering

News & Game Updates

Release v1.7.0.0

Tue, Nov 25, 2014

Summary: This release features improved terrain rendering, which both looks better and increases rendering performance drastically in most situations. This release also features changes to cloaking and bug fixes for replays.

If you have already ordered Achron, you can download it here.
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Release v1.6.5.0

Mon, Oct 13, 2014

Summary: This release contains numerous bug fixes and adds new modding capabilities to Resequence.

If you have already ordered Achron, you can download it here.
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