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Please note: Current intelligence data may be rendered non-existent due to continual timewave propagation.

Warning...Timewave Approaching

Communications Are Lost

Something's happening out in the Teres system. The system gate has gone down, and nobody seems to know what's happening. Meanwhile, a small maintenance vessel is sent off course to repair a communications satellite – and on board, a brilliant hacker is about to make a frightening discovery...
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Dead Drop

It's another stressful day for Graeme and Stiles overseeing Deep Storage. Deep Storage is the warehouse portion of CESO's largest shipard, a massive cube-shaped lattice of containers out in space not far from Mars. Audits are starting in less than a month, and the AI that controls the entire facility is malfunctioning. Stiles goes to investigate a collision between two storage containers and discovers that something is not quite right...
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News & Game Updates

Release v1.7.0.0

Tue, Nov 25, 2014

Summary: This release features improved terrain rendering, which both looks better and increases rendering performance drastically in most situations. This release also features changes to cloaking and bug fixes for replays.

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Release v1.6.5.0

Mon, Oct 13, 2014

Summary: This release contains numerous bug fixes and adds new modding capabilities to Resequence.

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