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In our WikiLeaks, Cyber-Hacking Era, a Time Travel Video Game May Be a New Line of Defense

Kotaku a new way to strategize—a new way to think about combat.Read More

A Game Called Achron and the Theory That Games Would be Better With Time Travel


I look forward to playing more. Hazard is right that what Achron does changes the way one looks at one's actions in a video game. It's empowering to see the past, present and future all at once and to know they all can be changed... Read More

Fittingly, There Is Little Time Left to Join the Achron Beta


A couple of years ago, I saw an amazing demonstration of a real-time strategy game that involved time travel.... Read More

Frag Reel Friday: Multiplayer time travel in Achron

Australian Broadcasting Corporation of the more bizarre - and cooler - games I've seen in a long time. Read More

"Preinforcements": Achron Is Coming

Rock, Paper, Shotgun of the cleverest pieces of game design I have ever seen. Read More

Destructoid Exclusive: Achron launch trailer


...Suffice to say, it's easily among the most promising independently developed titles I've seen in quite some time... Read More   

Your Turn: Time is on your side

The Age

...The idea of having to juggle both time and space in a strategy game sounds daunting at first, however...The idea is pretty easy to grasp. ... I've been playing the game for most of the year now, through half a dozen major builds. I've yet to get tired of it. Read More   

Echtzeitstrategie in der vierten Dimension

Online Welten

...I think my brain has never before been through a game like Achron. ... The more you experiment with time travel, and the better one knows how to use the resulting opportunities for themselves, the more fun the whole. Read More    (English Translation)

Achron: indie RTS where time is your plaything, and enemy

Ars Technica

Time travel is a tricky thing to implement in a video game, especially when it fundamentally affects the title's play mechanics. What if time travel is not only an active part of play, but its use constantly changes the game's experience... Read More

Dancing on the time axis

Spiegel Online

Achron is the most daring attempt to establish time manipulation as a distinct element of gameplay... Read More    (English Translation)

Achron Hands On

Thirteen1 Magazine

The guys at Hazardous Software decided to go beyond real-time and into meta-time with Achron. What this means, in simple terms, is that they added time-travel to the battlefield, so now as well as wondering where the attack is coming from, you also have to consider 'when'... Read More

Time Laud: Achron

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

This week I’ve been playing around with Hazardous Software’s strange RTS concept, Achron. It’s boasts the most interesting feature in, well, probably any RTS, ever. You’ll want to keep reading... Read More

Epochal: Achron, Meta-Time Strategy

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Things you can’t do in an RTS generally include: attacking your opponent in the past, undoing the future actions of your units, building things in the future and sending the back to a previous point in a game.... Read More

Time-traveling RTS Achron now playable, available for pre-order


Indie developer Hazardous Software has announced that you can now preorder its still-in-development time-bending RTS, Achron, on its website. "Pre-order" in this case means something a little different than usual... Read More

Achron brings time travel gameplay to RTS


Red Alert may have a story revolving around time travel, but Achron puts it in its gameplay. Hazardous Software's new real-time strategy title attempts to integrate... Read More

Achron — an RTS With Time Travel


"As much as I'm looking forward to StarCraft 2, there's a new RTS gaming tech that has me even more enthused..." Read More

The Escapist Show: Episode 43: Hazardous Software's Achron

The Escapist Show

This week we get a tour of Hazardous Software and see their original Meta-Time Strategy game, Achron... Read More

Achron Hands-On Preview


Lately I've been playing the alpha version of Achron, the time-travel RTS, the same version that's being offered up to anybody who pre-orders the full game.... Read More

Achron Interview: Your Head Will Explode


We first heard about Archon in the aftermath of Game Developer Conference this year, where everyone was telling us we had to see this strategy game where players could travel through time however they wanted... Read More

Time Travel RTS Achron Revealed

Shack News

Promising "the next revolution in time travel gameplay," developer Hazardous Software has pulled back the curtain on its "gimmick-free" real-time strategy game Achron... Read More

Hazardous Software Unveils Achron

Gamers Daily News

Designed to reinvent the real-time strategy genre by allowing all players to travel through time, Achron is a futuristic science fiction game... Read More

Achron Announced

Blues News

Hazardous Software has unveiled Achron at GDC, a real-time strategy game not to be confused with Archon... Read More

Unreal-Time Strategy of Experimental Gameplay Darling Achron

Offworld/Boing Boing

The game that's getting the biggest buzz from this year's GDC Experimental Gameplay Sessions? Christopher Hazard and Michael Resnick's Achron... Read More

News & Game Updates

Release v1.7.0.0

Tue, Nov 25, 2014

Summary: This release features improved terrain rendering, which both looks better and increases rendering performance drastically in most situations. This release also features changes to cloaking and bug fixes for replays.

If you have already ordered Achron, you can download it here.
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Release v1.6.5.0

Mon, Oct 13, 2014

Summary: This release contains numerous bug fixes and adds new modding capabilities to Resequence.

If you have already ordered Achron, you can download it here.
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