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Achron Beta Tournament - Official Rules

Applications are now closed. Chosen applicants will be notified by email and given access to Achron at approximately 11:00pm EDT today (May 27, 2011).
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  1. Players must have submitted an application to the beta tournament. Applications are now closed. You are not required to purchase Achron to apply for or participate in the tournament.
  2. An incomplete form will result in disqualification
  3. Only the first 500 applications will be considered
  4. 100 players will be selected from the pool of applications and notified via email that they have been selected to participate in the tournament
  5. Accounts awarded for the tournament are temporary and expire once the tournament has ended. However some players may earn permanent accounts based on their performance in the tournament.
  6. Players must have a valid email account, a registered account on the Achron forums and the ability to access IRC to be eligible for the tournament.
  7. Players who purchased an Achron account prior to May 23rd, 2011 are not eligible for this event, but may participate in a community tournament by checking the official Achron forums.
  8. Players must be at least 18 years old (born on or before May 23rd, 1993) to be eligible to compete
  9. Players must commit to playing two matches a week for the duration of the tournament. Players that repeatedly fail to show up for matches will have their temporary accounts revoked.

Pool Play
  1. Players will be sorted into ten pools of ten players each for the tournament.
  2. Players will be scheduled to play two matches each week over five weeks, competing once against each opponent in the pool.
  3. Pools will be posted on the Achron forums. Players may coordinate with their opponents in their pool thread. Players may also coordinate with opponents via the official Achron IRC channel listed in each thread.
  4. Default match times will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 PM EDT (UTC-04)
  5. Both matches in each week must be played on the official map of the week
  6. Players may schedule a different time to complete their match with their opponent if both parties agree to the change. If an agreed upon time cannot be found, the match must be played at the default time.
  7. A player whose opponent does not show up at the default time should post in the pool thread that their opponent is a no-show. A moderator will confirm the opponent has not arrived and award a forfeit victory to the player that appeared for the match.
  8. Players must report their match result and post a replay file in the pool thread on the Achron forums for the result to be recorded.
  9. Players must use the latest version of the game for all matches.
  10. Players should attempt to find the best host for each match. If neither player can host, players must find a neutral third party to host the match. If players are unable to find a neutral third party to host, then both players receive a loss on their record and the match will not be played.
  11. Once pool play is complete, players will be ranked based on their performance and the top eight from each pool will be placed into a single eliminated bracket to determine the champion of the pool.
  12. Champions from each pool will advance to the final tournament.
  13. Players who are eliminated from competition at any stage will maintain their account and be allowed to continue playing until the entire beta tournament is complete.

Final Tournament
  1. The entire finals tournament will be played on July 17th, 2011. It will start at 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-04) and run until the tournament is complete.
  2. Players will be sorted based on pool performance into a single elimination bracket. In the event that players have identical records in pool play, they will be seeded randomly within their pool of tied players.
  3. All matches during the finals tournament will observed and may be broadcast by an observer to the official tournament stream.
  4. All matches will be best-of-one until the finals, which will be a best-of-three.

Match Rules

League Schedule & Maps of the Week
May 29th - June 4th Matches 1 & 2 Urban Brawl
June 5th - 11th Matches 3 & 4 Olivestone Pass
June 12th - 18th Matches 5 & 6 Felsic Inferno
June 19th - 25th Matches 7 & 8 Samekh Valley
June 26th - July 2nd Match 9 Pit Mine
On or Before July 5th Pool Tournament R1 Remnant Springs
On or Before July 9th Pool Tournament R2 Overgrown Citadel
On or Before July 13th Pool Championship Act Natural
July 17th Final Tournament Map List Below

Final Tournament Map List
Round 1 - Urban Brawl
Round 2 - Remnant Springs
Round 3 - Felsic Inferno
Finals - Act Natural, Olivestone Pass, Overgrown Citadel

  1. Players must play with the most recently released version of the game and may not modify the game code in any way
  2. Players may not communicate with anyone outside of the game during their official match
  3. Both players must agree upon any observers before the match begins.
  4. Observers may not relay information about the game in chat or using any other means.
  5. If a player suspects an opponent of cheating, they must contact a tournament official using the specified thread in the forums.
  6. Cheating rules may be updated throughout the tournament. It is the players' responsibility to check the official forums for updates to the cheating rules.
  7. If a player is found to be cheating during the tournament, they will be disqualified from the tournament, banned from the forums and their beta account will be revoked.

News & Game Updates

Release v1.7.0.0

Tue, Nov 25, 2014

Summary: This release features improved terrain rendering, which both looks better and increases rendering performance drastically in most situations. This release also features changes to cloaking and bug fixes for replays.

If you have already ordered Achron, you can download it here.
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Release v1.6.5.0

Mon, Oct 13, 2014

Summary: This release contains numerous bug fixes and adds new modding capabilities to Resequence.

If you have already ordered Achron, you can download it here.
» Read More & see the Changelog

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