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Achron is the first Meta-Time Strategy game which allows free-form multiplayer time travel within a unique RTS. This wiki is a community effort to catalog all aspects of Achron in a manner that is quickly searchable and easily understandable. Please contribute to the wiki if you find anything that is out-of-date, misleading, unclear, missing, or incorrect.

If you are new to the game and wish to learn more about it, please go browse and ask questions around the forums or IRC channel!

Warning! The wiki may contain campaign spoilers.

Species (Factions)
Humans Vecgir Grekim
Human Frigate rep logo.png
Vecgir Zayin halcyon rep logo.png
Grekim Octoligo rep logo.png

General Information

Standard RTS elements

Time travel



Single player


Meta game


User created content


Achron in secondary sources

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