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AIScript Renaminator!

Postby NeutralBase » Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:57 pm

I made a script that turns this:
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into this:
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All references to the scripts are also renamed. This should make editing the xml manually a lot easier. You will need to rerun this script every time you regenerate the XML with ResequenceXMLCompiler.

Here's the code:
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# This script reads from inputFile, renames all script names
# and then writes to outputFile. It does no error checking,
# use at your own risk.
# It also fails if the original input file contains duplicate script
# names (which shouldn't happen unless you messed something up).

inputFile = "Achron.ocs.xml"
outputFile = "Achron.ocs.xml"

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
from collections import namedtuple

tree = ET.parse(inputFile)
root = tree.getroot()

Script = namedtuple("Script",
    ["originalName", "element", "newName"]

# Keep track of the old names (so we can rename references)
# and new names (so we can avoid duplicating names).
oldNames = {}
newNames = set()

# Find all the script definitions and pick their new names
for element in root.findall("./AIScripts/AIScript"):
  name = element.find("Name").text
  path = element.find("Path").text
  # Grab all the stuff after the last slash (the actual filename)
  # and use that as the new name for the script
  newName = path.rsplit("/", 1)[-1]
  # Make sure we don't end up with duplicate script names
  if(newName in newNames):
    counter = 1
    while (newName + str(counter)) in newNames:
      counter += 1
    newName = newName + str(counter)
  script = Script(name, element, newName)
  oldNames[name] = script

# Rename all script definitions, giving them their new names
for original, element, newName in oldNames.values():
  element.find("Name").text = newName

# Find all references to each script and rename them
for element in root.findall("./ObjectClasses/ObjectClass/Objectives/Objective/Script"):
  script = element.text
  if(not script in oldNames):
    print "Warning: Reference to non-existent script name:", script
  element.text = oldNames[script].newName
# Save the xml file (obvious comment is obvious)
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