Another Resequence Game

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Another Resequence Game

Postby Hazard » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:44 am


The official announcement is at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop this Friday at GDC.
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Re: Another Resequence Game

Postby JRaccoon » Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:14 am

Finally the time travel game I can play with my wife. Looks like you've really done a fine job refining the visuals this time around. In fact, I'd say it looks more polished all throughout.

I'll be very interested to see how a puzzle-ish game fits in with time manipulation strategies. I'm guessing there will be a lack of chronoporting in this particular game. Will any more info be released about the game after GDC?

So rewatching the trailer it looks like we're dealing with anytime victory, no timewaves with maybe near-instant propagation, and some levels having a static timeline. I'm getting hyped for some plushies, er... ploshies.
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Re: Another Resequence Game

Postby keybounce » Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:32 pm

Does this one work on Macs?
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Re: Another Resequence Game

Postby NeutralBase » Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:55 pm

Looks like this game could have a lot of strategic depth to it. Since it's turn-based, and there's no fog of war, you can't hide anything from your opponent. So you have to set up your entire timeline to play mind games, while your opponent tries to read your moves to determine what you are planning to do. When I first saw the trailer, I thought you got a certain number of orders and undos for the entire game, but after rewatching it, I imagine it might be a certain amount allocated for each turn, otherwise the first player to go could win the game on their first turn.

You should rename "orders" to "moves" or something. RTS terminology doesn't match a bomberman type game. Well, I guess it could. Also, the Achron order indicators (the green lines) stood out in the trailer (edit: at least to me they did). I assume you'll add new graphics for those when the game is closer to being released, right?

JRaccoon already pointed out the static timeline, instant timeline propagation, and anytime victory. I'll just point out that the chronoenergy system has been replaced with a fixed number of orders you can give. Will that functionality being coming to Achron as well? Also, it doesn't look like unit orders are visible on the timeline (still), but I don't know what most of the indicators shown in the trailer actually mean. Maybe you added that and I just missed it? I can hope.
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Re: Another Resequence Game

Postby ChronAberant » Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:15 pm

Very cool that you guys are finally announcing another game. :D

The graphical evolution from Achron is fascinating to see, and looks quite nice to boot IMO. Game design philosophy looks solid too. After our experiences with Achron, more complete information and static timelines are probably the wise directions for future games in this genre.

As a matter of personal preference though, one thing that slightly worries me is is the apparent reduction in scope from the conversion to a bomberman format. Maybe I'm biased by Achron, but for metatime strategy I'm looking for ideal match lengths of 20-30 minutes. With the maps in your trailer it looks like the matches would ether resolve or fall into chaoticstalemate in only 3-5 minutes or maybe even less. Of course, maybe that's just an unrepresentative sample. With a big enough board with enough ploshes (e.g. like 30x30 with 10 ploshes per side) I bet you could have games that take hours to resolve. ;)
Considering Achron, I wouldn't thing there'd be technical limitations preventing it.

Or maybe you're aiming for the mobile market, in which case 3-5 minute matches is spot on. :lol:

Hope to see more soon.

P.S. Re Orders vs Moves: I agree orders sounds too RTS-like, but it's a tough linguistic nut to crack. Moves implies direct control, which is not what we have here... and might confuse some people.
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Re: Another Resequence Game

Postby Shadowfury333 » Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:13 pm

Huh, I'm in the opposite boat from ChronAberant on game length, but that's a personal preference thing. I always prefer games that take 3-10 minutes while feeling like they took 15-30. I am also curious about how much configuration there is planned for board size, board shape (more than just flat stuff), and plosh count.
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Re: Another Resequence Game

Postby JokerOfHearts » Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:35 pm

Oh man.... Looks fun! I wanna get my hands on some modelling again! :roll:
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Re: Another Resequence Game

Postby Shalkka » Tue May 17, 2016 12:34 pm

The move amount counters seem to not actually do anythings I guess typical prototype unfinished feature.

Making a game more "thight" might be a good move in honing the game craftmanship of the company. However I feel that the timeline display is pretty inadequate. Wishes about being able to see more infromation are very old and I am guessing that since the amount of units and orders are less one should have way more direct tabs for the orders via the timeline direct.

This is also seems that it could be a very trolly game. It looks innocent but the strategy is probably comparable to Achron. This means that people that expect an easily consumable game because the game can be pretty could be up to disappointment. Also people that shop for debth could easily be missed. Saying and the line or marketing of "having it be fun for the whole family" can communicate to some that even small children will be able to play. However getting your "head sploded" by a "cute simple game" can be a really discouraging beginner user experience (well could also be awesome experience). Its easier to accept that you can't just pick up and play a realistic flight simulator because it easier to conceptualise it as a challenge and being hard. With a cute game it might be hard to adapt when you can't just pick up and do well in the game. Or it really really relies on there being someone of equal of skill level so that the discovery of time antics happens in similar pace and as a cooperative discovery instead of one side wtf paradoxconfuing the other to oblivion. And I am also worrying about whether a adult can really play with a child. Mostly children have a faster learning curve. I am fearing that a lot of moms and dads buying it to play with their child will find their asses handed to them so hard that they get experiences of humiliation and feelings of powerlessness to the point where it migth be too negative experience for the adult for all of the family to continue to engage.

But its kinda good critic bait so deployment at GDC should be pretty effective.
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Re: Another Resequence Game

Postby cyberneticpony » Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:56 am

I am seriously excited about this!

I agree with Shalkka's points though; you need to be careful with marketing and wording!
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