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Special Ops Marine (SOP)
Sop strategic icon.PNG
Sop 09 2013.PNG
Faction: Human (CESO)
Role: Combat support
Sight range: 23
Footprint: 1x1
Chronoportation Cost: 31Resource Qplasma.PNG
Cost: 14Resource Lcrystal.PNG 1Resource reserves.PNG
Build from: Armory
Build time: 20s
Build hotkey: S
Attack strength: HE Machine Gun:
24-26 vs. ground

AntiMatter Gun:

11 vs. air
Attack frequency: 1/1.39s vs. ground
1/1.78s vs. air
Avg. damage/s: 21.2/s vs. Ground
6.2/s vs. Air
Attack range: 11 vs. all
6 for Heal
23 for Clear Nanites
Splash damage: 0 vs. ground
2 vs. air
Damage Modifiers: 12.7/s to ATHC
14.8/s to Octo
Health: 100
Damage taken: 31.32/s(from 38.2/s) from Twin MAR
11.1/s(from 13/s) from upgraded Defense Turret
9.7/s(from 11.4/s) from Defense Turret
Movement: Slow, 1.8 sq/sec
Abilities: Detector icon.png Detector

Ability Heal.pngHeal (10HP/2.22s): 1 Resource energy.PNG
Ability Clear Nanite.pngClear Nanites: 5 Resource energy.PNG

Energy: 25Resource energy.PNG
Energy recharge: 1Resource energy.PNG every 2.5s

SOPs are Special Ops marines available to the Humans. Human players are given one at game start. They have a limited range, but have high strength. Their usefulness comes from their special abilities, firstly to Heal other infantry, and secondly clear Nanites from infected units. They are built from the Armory and thus can be created during early game. They can also ride in a Tank. In addition, they have the ability to detect enemy cloaked units.



Detector icon.png Detect

This unit reveals all cloaked units within its Line of Sight to the player and the player's allies with shared vision.

Ability Heal.png Heal: 10HP/Resource energy.PNG

The Special Op can heal nearby infantry units. This ability can affect the Special Op using it, meaning that a lone Special Op will heal themselves when not attacked.

Ability Clear Nanite.png Clear Nanites: 5Resource energy.PNG

The Special Op can clear nanite infected units, removing them from your opponent's control.
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