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Marine strategic icon.png
Marine 09 2013.PNG
Faction: Human (CESO)
Role: Basic builder
Sight range: 23
Footprint: Square, 1x1
Chronoportation Cost: 30Resource Qplasma.PNG
Cost: 8Resource Lcrystal.PNG 1Resource reserves.PNG
Build from: Armory
Build time: 10s
Build hotkey: M
Attack strength: R.P.G.:
15-20 vs. all


19-24 vs. all with Ground Units
Attack frequency: 1/1.5s vs. all
Avg. damage/s: 11/s vs. all
13.6/s vs. all with Ground Units
Attack range: 14 vs. all
Splash damage: 1 vs. all
Damage Modifiers: 15.4/s to Bastion
14.3/s to Dome
14.3/s to Twin MAR
12.1/s to Heavy Tank

with Ground Units:
20.4/s to Dome
19/s to Bastion
17.7/s to Twin MAR
16.3/s to Mech
15.2/s to Heavy Tank
15/s to MAR Tank

Health: 70
Damage taken: 9.1/s(from 13/s) from upgraded Defense Turret
8/s(from 11.4/s) from Defense Turret
4.6/s(from 6.2/s) from Ground Units upgraded Mech
3.6/s(from 5.2/s) from Mech
Movement: Slow, 1.8 sq/s
Abilities: Build Order build.png

The Marine is the Humans' basic builder unit. They are built from the Armory. By default Human players are given two marines at game start. They can build the vital buildings Resource Processors, Importers, Armory, Factories, and Comm Centers, making them valuable units. They can also ride in a nearby Tank, Heavy Tank, or Twin MAR.

Marines build quickly and have a very reserve heavy cost. It's not uncommon to see marines as the sink for excess reserves. They are also notable for being the most cost effective units in the game in terms of raw DPS (2 marines do more damage than a Heavy Cruiser for example). However, this high DPS is difficult to take advantage of in practice because their low HP, move rate and attack range means they never get a shot in.

Marines have very low chunkiness. Using them in the past in great numbers can be highly difficult as controlling a squad can take a lot of chronoenergy. Usage of waypoints to set up commanders or Auto Hierarchy is pronounced.
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